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Welcome to Your Companîon!
We're an easy going guild with 10% xp bonus, TS3, discord and a flagship. Feel free to ask someone about joining our guild and make sure to sign up here! Whether you're a new player, returning or a veteran we look forward to helping you thrive!
Hanna'h / Dec 14, 2018 / News
Your Companion and Hellbent will be lining up against each other in PvP. With the new guild PvP feature we won't have to bother with queue's anymore, we can just slug it out in the arena of our choosing. There will also be a few other events that we have planned like going for some world PvP achievements, some capture the flag style games in bases and more. The 15th of December will be cancelled due to the release of patch 5.10 but will pick up the following week.
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