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Welcome to Your Companîon!
We're an easy going guild with 15% xp bonus + 10% cxp bonus + 15% reputation bonus, TS3, discord and a flagship. Feel free to ask someone about joining our guild and make sure to sign up here! Whether you're a new player, returning or a veteran we look forward to helping you thrive!
Veti / Oct 19, 2019 / News
Alright everyone, now that we're on the eve of 6.0, we'd like to announce the launch of a very special project Mal has been working on in his secret labs! After his countless hours of straining eyes over excel sheets, I'm pleased to unveil a completely interactive online Character Sheet tuned for 6.0! You can customize all of your gear slots, Set bonuses, Mods, Crystals, etc, accurately updating live. You can see all of your stats just like you would in game, including Accuracy, Shield/Absorb, Defense %, Accuracy %, Power, on and on. This sheet works for EVERY class and EVERY spec.