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Welcome to Your Companîon!
We're an easy going guild with 10% xp bonus, TS3, discord and a flagship. Feel free to ask someone about joining our guild and make sure to sign up here! Whether you're a new player, returning or a veteran we look forward to helping you thrive!
Veti / Oct 16, 2018 / News
The conquest for this week is the Gree event! :D

In case you missed it we have a new Pubside sister guild, <Hellbent>! If you are looking to join Hellbent, simply reach out to anyone online in that guild and ask to speak to an officer. Tell them you are a Your Companion member and you will get an invite.
Please make sure to read Hellbent's Rules and Website: Guild Guidelines, bank access and ranks! (:

Also, Veti has posted an announcement about her position in the guild which you can read here.

We still are calling out for applications for more Officers! If you are interested please apply here!
We are also looking for two HM Training Leaders, if you are interested please apply here.

A livestream code is out for everyone: SWCANTINA2018 which you can put in at

In case you missed it you can read the Patch 5.10 Developer Livestream Notes & Coverage.

Hard Mode Operations Training runs are on Tuesdays and Fridays for those who are wanting to learn them, so make sure to check the time in the events page and show up!

If you are looking for a HM/NiM raid group to be a part of please make sure to check out the Raid Teams page to see if there are spots available!