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Welcome to Your Companîon!
We're an easy going guild with 10% xp bonus, TS3, discord and a flagship. Feel free to ask someone about joining our guild and make sure to sign up here! Whether you're a new player, returning or a veteran we look forward to helping you thrive!
Veti / Aug 28, 2018 / News
We've updated a few pages for easy access which you can view in our main menu on the left side of the website and/or check them out here:
Also changed the conquest contest tab on the right side of the website to show the top 3 contestants. (:

We are still looking for more officers so if you are a member and are interested please sign up here!

In case you missed it you can read the Update Patch Notes for 5.9.2a here.

We're forming up a group for Ancient Threat, if you are interested please sign up here or send me a message ingame or through discord!

Emmilash is leading Hard Mode Operations Training runs for those who are wanting to learn them, so make sure to sign up in the events page!

If you are looking for a HM/NiM raid group to be a part of please make sure to check out the Raid Teams page to see if there are spots available!

This week is a crafting week for conquest. Good luck!
Congrats to the winners!
1. Sniper'wolf - 136,999
2. Hanna'h - 136,873
3. Phystra -120,449