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We're an easy going guild with 15% xp bonus + 10% cxp bonus + 15% reputation bonus, TS3, discord and a flagship. Feel free to ask someone about joining our guild and make sure to sign up here! Whether you're a new player, returning or a veteran we look forward to helping you thrive!
Veti / Apr 06, 2020 / News
This is from Hannah:

The Officers and I have been discussing the direction Your Companion will be taking and we have agreed that we are looking to transition to Final Fantasy XIV. We want people to have the best experience but the content in SWTOR has been underwhelming to say the least. Trying times lay ahead but we are taking every step available to ensure a smoother transition to what we consider a generally happier gaming experience. YC, as always, exists for the community. The game doesn't matter as much as the community does and we aren't breaking that apart.

I will be remaining Guild Master as I plan on playing both in order to maintain this guild for those that wish to stay in SWTOR. Emmi will be joining me as co-GM and John will be moving up as General. Volk will be finishing up his subscription and plans on still logging in to help during the remainder of his sub (4 month estimate). Veti will be unsubbing from the game after 3 months but plans on still playing SWTOR (albiet not as much as before) to help the guild out. Glow will be unsubbing as well and will be doing the same.

What are the Pros in FFXIV vs SWTOR?
There’s virtually no bots, if people try to use them they get banned quickly, since the Devs keep a close eye on it, unlike in SWTOR where there are massive amounts of bots everywhere. There’s some advertising in gen chat but you won’t get any in game mail spam like you do in SWTOR. Essentially most of the advertising that you would see are for carry’s in raids. The economy in FFXIV isn’t jacked like SWTOR, there's no inflation. If something breaks and introduces something like the companion gift exploit they immediately shut the game down and fix it instead of letting it go on for days or weeks. In summation, TSR’s and Devs keep a finger on the pulse and actively respond to unintended mechanics in rapid response.

FFXIV has gone through two release cycles in since SWTOR's 6.0 came out. And each release cycle is at least one raid, 4-6 flashpoint/dungeons and a 3-5 single boss raids, and single boss raids go from SM-NIM in SWTOR terms. They have released more new content in the last six months than SWTOR has in the last six years.
We have put all this time and money into this SWTOR and yet we have to beg to get new content. They have a feature, which is built into the game, to make macros for crafting or gathering stuff, but is closely monitored for abuse.
Over the next few months or so we will transition. The whole game + all expansions, including current are on sale for $35.99 which includes first months sub. Life will continue somewhat as normal, Discord/TS3 will be changed to support both games. Right now a few of us are in a guild in FFXIV purely for their XP bonus but if more people come over we will be making our own guild.
To be clear, we want our community to have the best experience possible, something we feel that SWTOR cannot adequately provide. Without the outstanding community and friendship we all have, YC would be nothing. A hollow shell of its principles and foundation. We refuse to allow a multi-platform movement segregate and divide this community, thus we will take whatever measures necessary to ensure that everyone, whether moving or not, maintains the same feeling of unity and community that we always have. However, we extend and open invitation to anyone who wishes to tag along and forge that sense of community in this new platform.

I want to stress that not everyone is moving and we are not moving ALL focus from SWTOR to FFXIV, just a sizable migration.

We are on the Primal Data Center in the Excalibur server. You can also swap between servers for free. The sale will be going back up after the 29th of this month. You can check it out on FFXIV's website here.

If you have any questions please feel free to DM an Officer.
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