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Madness Monday

Deleted 11 months ago
Date: Sep 10, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Mudson
Observing no conquest can be completed this day, Mirt has volunteered her time to suggest that the guild reserves this time for people to rock out with their socks out! A plethora of various tasks might take place during this time. Some may include:

Datacron Hunting
World Boss Slaying
Belsavis mask farming
Snowball fights
Open world PVP achievement cheesing
All other achievements which requires a team to perform.

Operations and Flashpoints will not be a priority!

People who use the guild website to suggest topics which we will have top priority on choosing what we do during this time. Prepare for laughter and silliness.

Make SWTOR Great Again!
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