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#13249509 May 16, 2017 at 08:31 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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Hey everyone! In an effort to provide a supportive foundation for new recruits and veterans alike, I'm compiling a list of volunteers who both know the in's and out's of their classes/specs and wouldn't mind helping other players with their rotations/stat distribution/gearing/general questions. These interactions could be anything from a short explanation to spending time digging into StarParse to help evaluate numbers.

The goal of this post is to have a go-to directory that guild mates can refer to at any time.

Lglowheart - Darkness Assassin (Tank), Lethality Operative (DPS), Madness Sorcerer (DPS), Immortal Juggernaut (Tank), Deception Assassin (DPS)

Malocath - Lightning Sorcerer (DPS), Darkness Assassin (Tank), Carnage Marauder (DPS), Corruption Sorcerer (Heals)

Veti - Medicine Operative (Heals), Corruption Sorcerer (Heals), Immortal Juggernaut (Tank), Bodyguard Mercenary (Heals)

Radley-walters - Carnage Marauder (DPS), Bodyguard Mercenary (Heals), Annihilation Marauder (DPS), Arsenal Mercenary (DPS), Innovative Ordnance Mercenary (DPS)

Contacting the above individuals in game either via guild chat or whispers is the best method of communication for rapid response, otherwise post or PM at leisure.

If you would like on this list, please contact me via the above methods. I will attempt to keep this list as up to date as possible with the influx of fresh volunteers and expansions of expertise in the areas of other classes/specs.

Cheers mates! - Lglowheart
#13402303 Aug 19, 2017 at 02:56 AM
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I'm comfortable with teaching....

Darkness/Deception/Hatred Assassin
Lightning/Corruption Sorcerer
Vengeance/Immortal Jugg
Carnage Marauder
Virulence/Engineering/Marksman Sniper
Arsenal/Bodyguard Mercenary
Pyrotech/Advanced Prototype/Shield Tech Powertech

I teach for a living. My goal is less to teach you "click this button then this button," (although I am capable of doing just that) but to empower you to find the best things which work for you. I will start you with a foundation and a rotation, and then we'll work through how to best achieve optimum dps.

Send me a mail on Casaf. I'm more than willing to help.

I charge 2m/hour. I have to use 1m of that to rent out the space, so consider it a steal =P.


P.S. I'm kidding about the rate.
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