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If you are a member, and are interested in recruiting for the guild, here is something that I use and that you are more than welcome to use if you'd like:

<Your Companîon> is recruiting active players for pve, pvp, conquest and ops! We run sm/hm ops every day and run hm training ops every week. We're an easy going with 15% xp bonus, discord, TS, a website and a flagship. Whisper for an invite! (:

  • When recruiting please keep in mind we do not do mass recruiting (inviting randoms in the /who box all at once).
  • Be careful when inviting random people, especially on the Fleet and Dromund Kaas.
  • If possible, find out how active they are and what they are interested in a guild.
  • In operations, flashpoints, etc, you can usually get an idea of what kind of player they are and how they treat others in the runs.
  • If people have a reputation for being toxic do not invite.
  • After inviting someone to the guild be sure to ask an officer to post on their member note the date they were invited, i.e. 6/13/17 or June 13th 2017, etc.

Please note: recruits and members cannot invite to the guild or write on member notes.
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