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We're excited to announce that our sister Pubside guild is <Hellbent>!

Hellbent is a guild that equals us in population, activity and content. Their main focus is PVE/Ops but they do not have many restrictions regarding entry into their guild. Both guilds have initiated an “open door” policy where our respective members are welcome in each other’s guilds. The only thing we ask is that you follow each guilds guidelines/rules of conduct and that you be respectful of each other in PVP matches. Meaning, treat each other with respect just like you would if they were a guild member if you are on the same team. And if you are on opposite teams, don’t be abusive (but still kill each other DEAD).

If you are looking to join Hellbent, simply reach out to anyone online in that guild and ask to speak to an officer. Tell them you are a Your Companion member and you will get an invite.

Warning: If you create drama or act up in Hellbent, they have the right to remove you from their guild. Hellbent is completely autonomous and under their own leadership. They do not need or want our interference with their management.

Hellbent's Rules and Website: Guild Guidelines, bank access and ranks
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