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#14345804 Apr 21, 2020 at 06:17 PM
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Due to the changes with the guild expanding to FFXIV we have also made the changes in Teamspeak 3, Discord and guild website.

For TS there are added channels to accommodate the raids and dungeons for FFXIV players.

In Discord we have added new channels (and voice channels should TS have issues) so please make sure to go to the channel #game-roles in order to select your proper gaming role, either FFXIV or SWTOR in order to view the proper channels (otherwise you will only be viewing the Rules and Game Roles channel).
If you do not have access to the guild's discord you can view the link here. Members on up can view the channel so if you are a recruit please ask an Officer.

The guild website now has two sections, SWTOR and FFXIV which you can click on the top right:

More info will be added in the FFXIV section as we go along.
SWTOR: <<Referral Link>>
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