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Note: The devs removed my post twice in the SWTOR forums because of triggered players who couldn't stand to see someone not enjoy the game as much as they did. And I'm guessing it was mass reported by those that couldn't stand to see someone objectively looking at the game.
Please also note that I am still playing SWTOR just not as much and mostly PvP. (:

This was from 2 days ago:

Subscription Plans
You have 1 day of subscription play time remaining.

I cannot tell you what a relief this will be to not pay BW/EA anymore for wasting my time and money. I am incredibly discontent with the way this game has gone and the fact that BW does not listen to the majority of their gamers, especially raiders and pvpers. I dipped my toes into another game and I could not believe how much content they push out compared to SWTOR. They actually care about their community, answer within a week (or less) to a ticket and ban the gold bots immediately. They literally have released more new content in the last six months than SWTOR has in the last six years.

While there is a lot of content in SWTOR there is very little new content. Once you do it there is no point doing it again. Who even cares about newest raid gear if you're not the one percent nightmare community? Remove that and you have zero motivation to do anything. Want to waste time running old content over and over and over? Well this is the place for you then!

The economy functions around the cartel market and not player made things which makes the economy very inflated. I won't even get into how much garbage the crafting is nowadays.

Not only is there little to no actual new content in this game the bots are uncontrollable as BW does the bare minimum to deal with them. Exploitation and cheating within ranked pvp matches? No biggie, they'll take care of a few who will most definitely come back on another account with the same name and take months to get rebanned.
A bug and unintended mechanics in their operations? No worries, BW will wait a couple weeks to actually say anything and even longer (if not years) to get it fixed.

I will not be subscribing back to this game unless they make drastic changes to make it better (which is highly doubtful). I can honestly only see that happening if EA loses the license to this game and someone else takes over and actually gives it some TLC.

Thanks for the years when this game was actually fun, and for the friends I have made, but I am glad to be rid of the subscription to a game that caters to horrendous EA corporate instead of their player base.
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