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Emergency Operations

Veti / Aug 01, 2018 / News
We've got quite a few new recruits and we are glad to have you guys with us! :D Please make sure to read the Guild Rules and see who are the GM & Officers in case you need to contact us!

For those that have alts in the guild but don't use them: you can put them in the alt guild which has a flagship, guild bank, legacy hold and cargo hold.

We are still looking for more officers so if you are a member and are interested please sign up here!

5.9 was bumped to be released on August 7th, so coming soon!

We have our leaders for the second HM Training Operation which should be starting up in a couple weeks! The vote has been counted and the days will be on Fridays. When they are about to start up we'll put them on the calendar!

Emmilash is leading Hard Mode Operations Training runs for those who are wanting to learn them, so make sure to sign up in the events page!

If you are looking for a HM/NiM raid group to be a part of please make sure to check out the Raid Teams page to see if there are spots available!

We hit #10 on the Large Yield conquest board. Congrats to the winners!
1. Amperi - 151,646
2. Zendu Drea - 102,470
3. Lor - 89,759


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