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Guild Lore
  • Your Companion's Lore
Vëttë, created the guild on the server Corellian Square. He eventually lost the guild due to being deployed overseas and the leadership did not get passed back to him when he returned. Last we had heard he runs right now and pvps a lot, mostly on Satele Shan.
There were 3 more Guild Masters who preceded Veti. The 2nd GM (who invited Veti back in 2013) passed away suddenly which then passed the leadership down to the 3rd GM, iWish.

iWish and his Officers were heavily into PvE, (ie raiding). They were quite intense but they taught Veti how to raid. Veti didn't even know that she had to choose healer utilities really until then (back then there was the utility tree where you could choose across 3 specs). They used TeamSpeak but she rarely ever got in or spoke. They pushed her to do callouts for group finders even though she was very nervous about it.

In 2015 Veti took a break and came back to find that the guild had practically disbanded and there was no one on except for her, Ivarr and Elektroshock (the newly made 4th GM) left. From our understanding there was a dispute that broke the guild up and people parted their ways with real life or other guilds.

Ivarr and Veti were determined to get the guild back up and running so they requested Officer roles so they could recruit and monitor the recruits. In the course of looking over what Your Companion was to be about they settled on that it would be an everything guild, not a raiding guild since raiding guilds tend to die when they have nothing else to progress in.
They went through waves of good and bad players, inconsistent and consistent players. Eventually, they held a decent amount of players that they felt they could do operations with and run all sorts of content including getting back into conquest.

They were working hard on doing group finders and a few Hard Mode operations when they got quite a few good players recruited, which included Radley-walters, and Malocath. That's when they started putting together a progression group. Everyone was pretty fresh so it was a work in progress.

When the guild reached a point to where it was bursting with members and not enough Officers they had a meeting to promote Radley to Raid Leader. One of the other Officers and the current Raid Leader, Demonicshade, suggested it. The next day Demonicshade rage quit from the guild taking quite a bit out of the Republic side guild and half our members with him to his "new" guild (Bikini Bandits, which was renamed Mischeif and Mayhem...and yes, they misspelled Mischief). It was a hard blow to the guild but they worked on rebuilding again.
Glowheart and Valor joined the guild not long afterward. After a few months Glow, Radley and Malo were promoted to Officer and recruited Ry'zin to the guild.
It took a while but with recruiting, while pugging for operations and flashpoints, the guild slowly grew til it had a good amount of active players.

At the time forming and running group finders constantly with the guildmates was a right of passage for Officers. The Officers made Ry'zin work his tail off to be promoted and he was very happy to be promoted to officership after running the group finders to death. He was also the guild's official go-to tech guy for Teamspeak. After much hard work Ry'zin eventually became a General.

Electroshock became extremely busy with real life and eventually took a break from the game. Malo, Radley, Veti and Glow quarreled about who would be the next GM because none of them wanted the job. Eventually they convinced Veti to step up for the job. In late 2015 the Officers requested Veti be made GM in his stead. Electroshock agreed and passed the leadership over.

In early 2016 Wookie's Rage guild, a small band of PvE raiders, merged with Your Companion. As YC grew so did it's reputation which attracted more players and more raiders. Later Sick of U's GM kicked all of the members out and Your Companion absorbed some of them, expanding their numbers.

The Shadowlands server was dying slowly so they began to bleed members. In 2017 the guild voted on leaving for Harbinger, but, within a few days BioWare decided to let people know that server merges were happening. The Officers suspected they were watching their posts online (they posted about it in the official forums) and decided to let people know then. YC held an emergency meeting and voted 5 to 3 to stay. It was discouraging to some and encouraging to the others. They held off really recruiting anymore til the server merges happened as there was no guarantee that the players they got would actually stay til then on a dying server.
Since it was a month before the merges actually happened it almost broke YC since barely anyone was playing, everyone had put an alt on Harbinger in the meantime so only 2 or 3 people were left on Shadowlands. After the servers merged those who stuck around came back and started recruiting heavily.

After countless hours of recruiting, teaching guildmates to raid and pvp, Your Companion grew to a respectable size and activity.
Veti stepped down from Guild Master in 2018 and it was decided that it would be passed to an Officer, Hannah, who keeps the toxic people at bay from YC. In 2020 Emmilash became co-GM as the guild expanded to another game, Final Fantasy 14.

Currently the guild is on Star Forge and thriving with a great community. One of the great things about Your Companion is that they don't care what others think of them and will ignore the toxic people (who seem to have an unhealthy obsession of trying to get in YC). They accept all who are respectful to their guildmates but any outside drama can stay there. It has also been very lucky to have had such an amazing group of people, starting from the beginning to now, who have worked hard to make YC the best community.

In order to maintain a good guild Your Companion has been very unconventional in the way they have approached leading the guild. While the GM has the last say, Veti felt it was necessary to still be kept accountable and hashing out ideas with the Generals and Officers was a great way to do that, as well as all votes within the leadership counting. When it comes to some of the very important decisions that lies with the Generals and GM, but they usually discuss everything in length way before making any decisions.

Your Companion's relationship with NAM (Not Another Meme) was mostly held together because they recruited Radley-walters to one of their progression teams. While YC tried to make sure to remain respectful to the guild, Kytera's reputation has proceeded her and they saw it first hand. Eventually they ended that after Kytera became increasingly toxic towards YC.

Revans Legacy was YC's competition in conquest for a long time until the server merges. They are a big guild but their leadership and members were in constant chaos.
One of the reason the relationship with them was so rocky was because the GM, Madbent, made sure to talk down to one of the Officers, Glow. At first it was just a little beef but because RL's leadership was always chaotic and toxic they lost a huge majority of their leadership and members that wanted to find something more stable. Glow made sure to bleed RL of their leadership where they found the stability in YC, which incensed Madbent and his toxic leadership.
Madbent's desire was to have YC merge into RL so he tried to buddy up to Veti, which she blatantly told him to back off.

Hellbent used to be a sister-guild but because the GM is crazy paranoid YC felt it was necessary to end the alliance.