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  1. Everyone needs to make sure to be respectful with each other, especially as you are representing all of the guild. Intentionally causing drama in the guild will get you removed.
    • It is NOT ok to be disrespectful, make fun of, or bash any individual, group, and especially guildmates. Additionally, this extends to disrespecting/making fun of/bashing fellow guildmates to outside groups/players.
    • Intentionally causing harassment of a guildmate is cause for 2 strikes.
    • No politics or inflammatory subject matter on any guild associated communications platform.
    • Putting guildmates on ignore is frowned upon.
  2. Member rank will be assigned due to activity for 30 days in both the guild and Teamspeak.
  3. If you are going to be gone longer than 2 weeks (due to school, etc) please make sure to let one of the officers know and we'll put you on the "DoNotRemove list." Anyone that has been inactive for 90 days (without telling us) will be removed. You will always be welcome to re-join once you get back.
  4. As our planned ops and events are all on the website's calendar, please check it regularly. Teamspeak 3 is required in our ops groups (however, a microphone is not required).
  5. No ERP/Text RP in guild chat or our custom chat channel.
  6. If you are found to be hacking in pvp you will be removed and placed on the watch list.
  7. Obtain consent for streaming.

  • If you have an issue take it to the Officers, Generals or the Guild Master and get it resolved. Please be aware that we can only handle issues and improve things if you talk to us about them.
  • Officers speak with the full authority of the Guild Master.
  • However, if you are really unhappy with a decision from the Officers speak to the Guild Master
  • Screenshots are your friend (Print Screen or Snipping Tool).
  • If your whispers (or posts) are not shown as well as the others then we cannot take it as reliable information.

  • The Guild Bank is for everyone to share. Take any item you will use and deposit items you think others would use. Green items will be vendored quickly as there's not room for much in there. You can also vendor them yourself and donate the credits to the Guild Bank.
  • If you need something from the Officer's tab please talk to an Officer, General or the Guild Master.
  • Items from the Conquest Prize page are NOT available for anything else other than Conquest winners.

  • OPERATIONS - 1 Unassembled item, 1 Schematic, 1 Decoration and 1 VMC per person. This will ensure everyone has a chance to win a piece, a crafting upgrade and crafting mat in every operation.
  • - Regardless of who is in it (it could even be just one guildie) if it is being run by a YC guildmate then that is a YC run and should follow the rules unless agreed upon by the whole group.


  • Raid Teams will be listed on the Guild Roster.
  • In order to participate in a raid team you must follow the Guild Requirements.
  • In order to make a channel in discord for a raid team the raid team must have 8 members.
  • Defer to the Raid Leader for direction that is within reason.
  • - If it's something out of their purview then come to an Officer.

  • No politics or inflammatory subject matter on any guild associated communications platform.
  • Please keep pictures SFW.
  • Tag anything that may contain seizure inducing material with the spoiler tags & warnings. Example: seizure warning - ||insert image||
  • All previous Guild Rules apply in Discord.