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(Sep 22, 2018)
Congrats all who got Ancient Threat today! :D
(Sep 01, 2018)
#2 HM Training Operation will be starting this Friday on the 7th! (:
(Mar 26, 2018)
but people are on! :o
(Mar 26, 2018)
@Dook'Nookem, depends on the hours. This week has been especially busy for me personally so I haven't gotten on ts a lot
(Mar 22, 2018)
Tried hoppin on TS a few times, but it always seems empty. Where is everyone?
(Jan 08, 2018)
hi where is ts 3 infor for guild pls
(Nov 28, 2017)
Madness Monday was a huge success. Thanks for joining everyone!
(Oct 16, 2017)
Madness Monday added to the event calendar! Hope to see many of you there! choosing what we do for this even takes place at 8:45PM EST
(Oct 05, 2017)
The guild is staying on Shadowlands. If you want to play with your alts on Harbinger for pvp, etc you're more than welcome to rejoin those to the Shadowlands guild after the merges.
(Oct 03, 2017)
(Oct 03, 2017)
Finished getting all the MK-2 schematics for bio-chem. feel free to contact for reusables
(Oct 02, 2017)
With the announcement of server mergers please postpone your transfers to Harbinger for the time being.
(Sep 30, 2017)
Meeting today in TS3 and/or ingame at 6PM EST!
(Sep 28, 2017)
Hey Deth! Hope you can get back on soon! (:
(Sep 27, 2017)
hi sorry to be missing so much, we had a hectic move and then long hassel with internet provider and etc if they can keep my service up i should be on soon if not then soonish :)
(Sep 22, 2017)
Im back, but barely able to get on comp
(Sep 21, 2017)
Attendance is mandatory!
(Sep 21, 2017)
ALL Guild Meeting on Saturday the 30th at 6:00 PM EST! Even if you are not able to get into Teamspeak 3 we ask that you at least be ingame!
(Sep 20, 2017)
guyss, 16man sm next month, which should it be?? :3